iArchiver - the basic information of the program

iArchiver is a software program. There are 29 file extensions supported by iArchiver in our database. In the further part of this page, you will find detail information about all the iArchiver with their brief description and a list of file extensions supported by iArchiver. It answers questions such as:
  • The basic features of iArchiver: N/A.
  • What kind of file extensions supported by iArchiver?
  • What kind of file format conversions supported by iArchiver?
  • How and where to download iArchiver?

File extensions supported by iArchiver

These are file extensions supported by iArchiver. You can use iArchiver to create, open or edit the file with these extensions:

  • 7Z - 7-Zip Compressed File
  • ARJ - ARJ Compressed File Archive
  • BZ2 - Bzip2 Compressed File
  • CAB - Windows Cabinet File
  • CPIO - Unix CPIO Archive
  • DMG - Mac OS X Disk Image
  • GZ - Gnu Zipped Archive
  • GNUTAR - GNU Tar Archive
  • GTAR - GNU Tar Archive
  • HBX - BinHex Encoded File
  • LHA - LHARC Compressed Archive
  • LZH - LZH Compressed File
  • RAR - WinRAR Compressed Archive
  • RPM - Red Hat Package Manager File
  • R01 - WinRAR Split Archive Part 1
  • R00 - WinRAR Compressed Archive
  • R02 - WinRAR Split Archive Part 2
  • R03 - WinRAR Split Archive Part 3
  • R0 - WinRAR Compressed Archive
  • R30 - WinRAR Split Archive Part 30
  • R21 - WinRAR Split Archive Part 21
  • SITX - StuffIt X Archive
  • SIT - StuffIt Archive
  • SFX - Windows Self-Extracting Archive
  • TAR - Consolidated Unix File Archive
  • TGZ - Gzipped Tar File
  • TBZ - Bzip Compressed Tar Archive
  • ZIP - Zipped File
  • Z - Unix Compressed File

File conversions supported by iArchiver

Our database do not have the records of file format conversions supported by iArchiver program now. If you have useful information about the iArchiver program, then write to us.

How and where to download iArchiver program?

By clicking on the link below you should be directed to the official website of the iArchiver developer where you can download the application.

iArchiver developer website